Custom TX Barrel Bar, **IN STORE PICK UP ONLY**

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Update your home bar setup with our Custom Made to Order TX Barrel Bar. Each bar is handcrafted from our used TX barrels. This custom piece is perfect for showing off your collection. The barrels are finished, cleaned, sealed, and branded with our TX Whiskey logo. Each barrel bar has an optional removable barrel head shelf.

Please note, each barrel is unique and there will be some slight variations from the picture. The barrel heads may not be level to use as a flat surface. Barrel colors may vary, some may be light, and some are darker. These are well-loved whiskey barrels and will have some imperfections! 

Item Details:

  • Please bring a friend to help you load up your barrel. We may not have staff on site to assist. 
  • Logo: 
    • White TX Whiskey
  • Removable barrel head shelf 
  • Logo on top and barrel head shelf
  • Light clear coat 
  • Measurements:
    • 53 Gallons
    • Barrel head diameter: 22"
    • Height: 36"
    • Bilge (middle): 26-28"


**Barrels, bottles & custom products are non-refundable**